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LHI is a nice attempt at something youthful and fun.Like L Homme de Guerlain there is this vibe of let the good times roll summer edition, while L Homme Ideal is the fall version.The drydown is nice and i get some - woodiness,vetiver,leather and cedar. I rare wear it, i do like the scent and so does my wife, but i dont know people arround me seems dislike this frag's scent. Scent: 7,5/10 (according to me but 5/10 according people arround me) Longevity: 6,5/10 Price: 7,5/10 The ideal man, huh? Not sure I'd be into a guy who's wearing a perfume that's louder and sweeter than mine...

The sharp, sour almond and spicy vetiver undertones give this scent a pleasant depth, but the scent remains crowd pleasing and easy to wear. But I probably won't be buying a bottle unless I'm still in the mood for this type of scent after I run out of Thierry Mugler Pure Havane. Me, all I get is the delicious smell of sour cherry blasters. As for L'homme ideal, it's a pretty linear sweetie that opens up a little in the heart, but always retains that syrupy cherry-like vibe. It seems to want more 'character' like muglers pure havanne for example, a fragrance with a quite similar base but a little tobacco, a little patchouli to enliven and round it out.

The cedar and vetiver round out the scent and create a sweet, woody and earthy base to this scent.

In the dry down the almonds, tonka and leather remain framed with herby sweetness and it does truly last.

I can see myself using it as a jack-of-all-trades-scent in the winter, and as more of an evening or formal scent in warm weather.

This is surprisingly in the same realm as Thierry Mugler's Pure Havane. When in the mood for some almond , I'll rather reach for my bottle of Pi.

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