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They had enjoyed wonderful phone and email conversations over the past several weeks, and had decided they didn’t want to wait a long time to meet each other in person.They checked their calendars and picked a weekend a few weeks away that was wide open for both of them.I would assume that if a couple is in a sexual relationship then sleeping in the same bed is pretty normal.I have heard stories of couples who sleep in the same bed but are not having sex.

This will hurt their testimony and the testimony of Christ.two single people stay together in the same house before they get married?What if it is just a day here and a day there —and even if it’s claimed that it is due to logistical/geographical or traveling reasons?I’ve never heard of a person who takes the higher road by protecting how things appear to be, to regret it later. But I’ve heard of many who give in, only to deeply regret it later. I really admire the integrity of any couple who chooses stay pure. There are not enough people consider God’s feelings in all of this.

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