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Chippewa is the form used by many tribal organizations recognized by the United States.

Ojibwa has become the common English language reference for encyclopedias and entries on this group of peoples.

The history of the contact between non-Native Americans and the Ojibwa dates back more than 350 years.

While the Ojibwa did not engage in extended armed conflict with Europeans, the relationship was not always amicable.

One group, the Potawatomi, moved south and settled in the area between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.To the settlers they were wastrels who did not force the land to release its bounty. To the government they were impressionable and recalcitrant wards.While there are many people who now value the Ojibwa culture, there are still others who regard the Ojibwa with disinterest or disdain, indicating that long-held stereotypes persist.By the mid-nineteenth century the Ojibwa had enlarged their geographic boundaries and had splintered into four main groups.The Southeastern Ojibwa lived southeast and north of Lake Huron, in present-day Michigan and southern Ontario.

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Early legends indicate that, 500 years ago, the Ojibwa lived near the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.

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