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She had always strived to protect her carefully crafted public image as a mainstream author and had dreaded the moment anyone would discover her secret online endeavors. Strangely, this confrontation almost felt like a relief more than anything else. After all, much of her online work was rather explicit. But I'm happy with the number of views it receives and I get a lot of positive feedback." "So you'd never, you know, publish it under a pseudonym or anything like that? "I've been busy with the tour and plotting another novel. " "The working title for now is Gifts from Kristen's Lingerie Shop," Salumeh said with a faint blush forming on her cheeks. It was like something had struck a chord within her and she needed to hear more, and as soon as possible read the whole thing. "Then you'll like the ideas I'm working on," Salumeh said with her own sense of pride. Her shift was already over and she didn't need to be wrinkle-free anymore.

At least this young woman sitting before her appreciated her more intimate efforts. "Well this is a bit awkward." "Does that mean I cracked your secret? "It certainly looks like it." Erin gave a reassuring nod. The only reason I mention it is because I love what you do. You have a strong grasp on human sexuality and I find it wonderful! " "It's crossed my mind, but I value my anonymity too much. A mainstream novel, that is." "You expect me to believe that you have nothing kicking around in the sexy portion of your big beautiful brain? " "I haven't totally stopped, to be honest." Erin lifted a cute eyebrow. " "I am working on something," Salumeh relented with a playful sigh. "Do tell." "Well, it's a little embarrassing for me to talk about, since I never talk about this, not even with my closest friends who are also in the writing business. Every once in awhile we'll have a celebrity come through our doors and usually I have no idea who they are. I'm in awe." The words and the sincerity were flattering. I would likely be disowned by my family if they knew." Somehow those words seemed to entice Erin. In a surprising move, she tossed it to Salumeh, who caught it reflexively and smiled. And the rest of her legs were covered in thigh-high stockings which made her legs look unbelievably sexy.

"Room service comes with confidentiality, doesn't it? "Like the way lawyers are bound to keeping their clients' secrets? And if this is going where I hope it is, my discretion is iron-clad." "Then..." Salumeh's voice trailed off as she accepted the proposal.

If only the treasures you post online would have a wider audience." "Thank you. It'll eventually leak that I wrote all that." "That makes sense," Erin nodded in agreement. Besides, no one knows I read online erotica." "So we're both in the same boat." "Not that there's anything wrong with it." Salumeh agreed whole-heartedly. Whatsoever." "Let's drink to that." Erin playfully held up the cup of hot chocolate, which had now become lukewarm, and took a big sip. "But I'm still working out a few kinks, so to speak. But I suppose I can trust you enough to say it's about two women who explore their interests in undergarments. "Each one of your erotic stories has a delicious hook to it." "That's what I'm stuck on at the moment. There's got to be a reason for their impromptu passion. Salumeh had certainly received high praise before, but never in a setting like this. So there she stood, with her hotel receptionist persona in perfect order, minus the skirt.

She placed the cup in front of Salumeh, who finished off the drink in a big gulp. Writing quality erotica can have its challenges, especially when I'm trying to stick to realism." "Challenges... One is the owner of the small shop, the other is a customer." Erin raised an eyebrow. " "For lack of a better term, yes." Once again, there was a hint of embarrassment on Salumeh's part, and Erin was left with a devilish delight. I've already written the build-up to it, which I think is fantastic, if I may say so. I really like the idea of a gift exchange where they do things, possibly erotic things, for a benefit. Never in a situation where she was alone with a young woman who she found quite attractive.

She can hug and spend time with loved-ones and friends without decontaminating.

Ali's showers are now only 25-minutes and do not involve any painful rituals.

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