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The popular narrative holds that this 1970s conversion movement failed, and that Americans have never gone metric because we are too obstinate or patriotic or just plain stupid to do so. metric, or at least more metric than most of us realize.

But to have brains trained in the thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths, and twelfths of our inches and ounces, as well as the relentless decimals of the metric system can only be beneficial, in the same way that learning a second language is better than knowing only one.If you were living in England or one of the American colonies 260 years ago, this date—September 13, 1752—didn’t exist. Instead, you would have gone to bed on the evening of September 2 and woken up on the morning of September 14.Eleven days had been effectively skipped over as part of the parliamentary measure that implemented the Gregorian calendar, aligning Britain and its overseas possessions with the rest of Western Europe.: “It (the Zircon missile system) is expected to be added into Russia’s arsenal between 20.” These reports emerge as relations between the West and Russia reach their worst since the Cold War, fuelled by the crisis in Ukraine, the devastating conflict in Syria and the alleged Russian meddling in Western politics – most notably, the US elections. Our yardsticks are marked in feet and inches, measures that are unfathomable to foreigners, nearly all of whom have been brought up in a decimals-only environment. My generation of schoolkids was told a switch to the metric system was imminent.

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Most of the rest of the world adopted the measures in order not to fall behind in the global economy.

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